Episode 1: Snowdome Bispingen!


So we did it! Finally the Jibland CREW is going to jib, shred and present you the most awesome JIBLANDs – Jib spots from Denmark and Europe!

Our first mission was Snowdome BISPINGEN, in Northern Germany.
The trip started the 19th April. We left early Copenhagen, ready to shred. It took us about 5 hours to get to Hamburg by car.

The crew was really excited! We knew, that we had only few hours to film and shred,and unfortunately we had to cope with many “challenges” with people working in snowdome, such us: “YOU CANNOT ride a park without wearing a helmet”! Of course non of us had a Helmet! (oh ja EMIL had!)…

Nevertheless, we found a solution, and had awesome freaky and fun times shredding the dome!
Snowdome Bispingen it is not a heaven for riders. There is one kicker, and about 3 boxes, 4 rails or so.. not very long!
BUT when you really desire to ride a park in Spring, I do not see a better option than “stand up, movie your asss and get yourself to a snowdome!” 🙂

EPISODE 1, from the dome coming 1.06.2011.
Nevertheless, the first edit will be here the 12th of June! So be ready to check out some jibbing from danish dudes!

More pics from the trip at our facebook fanpage!

Moreover if you cannot wait to shred, check out the website of Snowdome Bispingen:
Bispingen logo

– Jibland Crew

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