Everything is possible: Pekka Hyysalo

Hello Jibbers, skiers, snowboarders and all extreme riders,

This story must be shared.


Maybe some of you hared about Pekka Hyysalo, a finnish pro freeskier, winner of: Finnish open 2009 over all,  Andorra Total Fight 2010 and a rider at JOI 2010. A huge guy, here for example is Pekka’s entry for Jon Olsson’s contest:

And then.. the sad part. Pekka got “injured pretty damn seriously” the 4th of April 2010.
He describes it on his website as:
“That is a date I remember well, even though I can’t remember anything that happened that day. I have heard some stories from my friends about how it happened: I had yelled from the lift “I go one more time”, because the switch doublecork 10′s I had done were a little bit unstable. Sw doubles were an easy trick for me, but that day was windy and a really strong blast of wind grasped me and I landed way too far, over-rotating my trick. In the crash, I broke my helmet (the Sweetest black thing, that saved my life), I gained a serious / extremely serious brain injury and sank into a coma for 17 days. Next thing I know, was laying in the hospital, next summer. The rehabilitating process has been a rough one to me, but I have still been able to rehabilitate myself amazingly fast! The biggest weaknesses the injury brought along are my memory problems, which have fallen away majorly, and balance problems, which have also fallen away pretty much too. “


Next video, brings closer Pekka’s situation at that time:


Doctors told him that he can forget about skiing, that maybe he will be able to walk in 2 years and so on.
Neverthless, the big skier did not give up. Maybe he still has problems with movement, speech, but he can WALK, and SKI AGAIN!

This amazing guy is back on skis – winter 2011, he tries hard, and we wish him all the best in the future! Keepup  ur passion Pekka!


Anyways, what can we learn from that story?
You never know, how will you end up performing a trick.. landing.. you never know who is next. And there were hundreds of stories like that. Should we be careful more while riding? more conscious while skiing? how can predict it… ?

with peace,
Jibland Crew

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