The Bonk Snowparty!

14th January 2012.. still no sign of snow.. and all the pop-ing out movies and forecasts from other countries, Scandinavian, American ski resorts make us SICK!

But it does not mean that we can not party, have fun and snowboard&ski in Denmark!
We never give up. We are a small freestyle culture, but made up from too many passionate riders!

Last Saturday, The Bonk Shop and Volcom organized a great event in Copenhagen, The Bonk Snowparty.
1 box, 6 tons of pure snow were brought to the center of the city and hundreds of happy people made our day!
A lot of awards, fun, chill times, dancing and drinks. Danish Snow Party Rock Anthem!

What else can I say?
You Better check it out:

Once again,
thanks to

Film by
Jibland Crew/ Maggie Olkuska

PS: and guys keep dong what you really love to do!

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