To „jib” is to shred snowparks and skateparks; jibbing is the act of maneuvering a skateboard, snowboard or skis in tricky manner on top of and around a structure such as a stump, stairs, rails, rooftops, etc… and this is what Jibland is all about!

Jibland brings you freestyle news from Denmark and around the world in form of short edits. The main goal of JIBLAND is to spread sports such us freestyle skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, inline skating among youngsters and attract more riders and fans through fun, entertaining, and passionate movies.

Jibland PRODUCTIONS have set two main goals for season 2011/2012:

1) JIBLAND TV will bring you closer freestyle events and news from Denmark, as well as present you ‘Jiblands’- snowparks, skateparks, spots and places to “jib” in Denmark and Europe. All in from of short edits and journals. We will also follow passionate Danish riders and bring you closer their life-style! Moreover, we will also follow all street sports and sport- related events in Denmark!

2) JIBLAND FREESKI – EPISODES. The freeski CREW consists of Danish freeskiers and will search for snowparks, urban spots and places to jib and shred. In 12 EPISODES – short videos, we will bring you closer a story of few skies and filmmakers, traveling through Denmark and Europe and their passionate and fun times! Let’s Rock’n JIB!

Let’s Live with Extreme Passions!

PS: Do you organize a freestyle, music, sport event ? Do you need someone to document it? We can produce movies/photojournals for you! Contact us!

– Jibland Crew