Jibland NEWS: January 2012

The beginning of 2012 was so epic for Jibland Crew, can’t you feel the energy in the air? 🙂

Alexander Tyron does his Cork 900 Tail in Val Thorens:

Simon Hemmingen shreds hard also in Val T, Claus Berg has just rocked in Hemsedal with Mikkel Jørgensen last week, Emil Bentsen checked out Vallåsen, Philip swims in Powder in Japan, and Maggie has just visited Kläppen with KS!

And just days ago, we discovered that we got published, probably in the most popular ski magazine in Denmark, “Pist’n Powder“, a huge surprise. BTW, the text in Danish contains some strange mistakes such us, Emil got a new name – Mads, and Maggie became a boy :O (read for yourself)


Anyways, “Pist’n Powder” is a really great magazine, following the ski/freeski community in Denmark, and bringing us all the News for which we are starving here!

Get your copy today!


Moreover, we got interviewed by COPENHAGERS,  new broadcasting company producing movies-stories about specific people, communities – doing what they really love to do. More precisely: ”The COPENHAGERS media project wants to promote people, places, brands, ideas, projects. We want to give visibility to all those folks out there that every day keep doing what they love moved from a sincere feeling. Because at the end of the day it is all about passions”.

And here is the interview, fun video with some guys from the crew:


Enjoy what you do!
live with passion!

jibland Crew
PS: new movies to come!

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The Bonk Snowparty!

14th January 2012.. still no sign of snow.. and all the pop-ing out movies and forecasts from other countries, Scandinavian, American ski resorts make us SICK!

But it does not mean that we can not party, have fun and snowboard&ski in Denmark!
We never give up. We are a small freestyle culture, but made up from too many passionate riders!

Last Saturday, The Bonk Shop and Volcom organized a great event in Copenhagen, The Bonk Snowparty.
1 box, 6 tons of pure snow were brought to the center of the city and hundreds of happy people made our day!
A lot of awards, fun, chill times, dancing and drinks. Danish Snow Party Rock Anthem!

What else can I say?
You Better check it out:

Once again,
thanks to http://www.thebonk.dk

Film by
Jibland Crew/ Maggie Olkuska

PS: and guys keep dong what you really love to do!

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Everything is possible: Pekka Hyysalo

Hello Jibbers, skiers, snowboarders and all extreme riders,

This story must be shared.


Maybe some of you hared about Pekka Hyysalo, a finnish pro freeskier, winner of: Finnish open 2009 over all,  Andorra Total Fight 2010 and a rider at JOI 2010. A huge guy, here for example is Pekka’s entry for Jon Olsson’s contest:

And then.. the sad part. Pekka got “injured pretty damn seriously” the 4th of April 2010.
He describes it on his website as:
“That is a date I remember well, even though I can’t remember anything that happened that day. I have heard some stories from my friends about how it happened: I had yelled from the lift “I go one more time”, because the switch doublecork 10′s I had done were a little bit unstable. Sw doubles were an easy trick for me, but that day was windy and a really strong blast of wind grasped me and I landed way too far, over-rotating my trick. In the crash, I broke my helmet (the Sweetest black thing, that saved my life), I gained a serious / extremely serious brain injury and sank into a coma for 17 days. Next thing I know, was laying in the hospital, next summer. The rehabilitating process has been a rough one to me, but I have still been able to rehabilitate myself amazingly fast! The biggest weaknesses the injury brought along are my memory problems, which have fallen away majorly, and balance problems, which have also fallen away pretty much too. “


Next video, brings closer Pekka’s situation at that time:


Doctors told him that he can forget about skiing, that maybe he will be able to walk in 2 years and so on.
Neverthless, the big skier did not give up. Maybe he still has problems with movement, speech, but he can WALK, and SKI AGAIN!

This amazing guy is back on skis – winter 2011, he tries hard, and we wish him all the best in the future! Keepup  ur passion Pekka!


Anyways, what can we learn from that story?
You never know, how will you end up performing a trick.. landing.. you never know who is next. And there were hundreds of stories like that. Should we be careful more while riding? more conscious while skiing? how can predict it… ?

with peace,
Jibland Crew

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Jibbing in Copenhagen!

Hello Jibbers!


If you are reading this post, I assume that you are interested in freestyle sports, freeski, snowboard, freestyle culture, and maybe you live in a country full of mountains, snow, snowparks, snow pistes? LUCKY YOU! Appreciate what you have!
If you are not from such a country and you came up here, you are probably from Denmark, and you understand our “pain”.

We all can see great ski/snowboard/freestyle riders and crews (we could count for ages…); constantly popping out news and great extreme movies from our neighbors, Norway, Sweden and the Alps and of course the BIG U S A and Canada.
What about us, what about Denmark? Even though the highest mountain Møllehøj (ok, mountain – is a little bit aggressive word 🙂 ) is at 170 meters (561ft) over the sea level, we do not have ski pistes, ski resorts, and snow is really random here, but it does not mean that we cannot continue our passions to freestyle winter sports!


So here we Come again! In the form of reportage, photo-journals, edits, documentaries, Danish Jibland Crew – we will bring you closer possibilities, our creative times, journeys and how do we cope with such issue: OF NOT HAVING mountains and snow in DENMARK!
We just want to share with our joy of JIBBING, while jealously looking at all these sick riders from abroad… hehe.

DENMARK BLOG #1// COPENHAGEN // Underground Jib Arena

We are so glad and excited that in late 2010 Copenhagen (Underground.dk) invested in a wooden, sloping platform, from which you can get some speed and end up in front of one of 3 boxes (at the moment) to perform your sick tricks. It is totally a FREE place, open for anyone, with even installed lights on the top of the platform, so you can shred until late night!

Curious what do we mean by that, check out our video Blog 1:

Are you soon in CPH, you need to check out how do we ride here: http://www.facebook.com/underground.jib.arena
So that was it! Blog 1 from Denmark.
We hope that just little snow will visit our country, so we could be more creative and make new Video Blogs, from this flat-LAND!

PS: Many thanks to all wonderful people & sponsors who organized, created and contributed to
Underground Jib Arena in Copenhagen.

Thanks to DOWNDAYS.EU, Københavns SKIKLUBSkiers.dk and all inspirational people around us!

Share the video with the world, let us tell our story, and enjoy where you live!
Greetings from Copenhagen,

any questions write to us,

Jibland Riders at Jib arena// Emil Bentsen, Claus Berg, Simon Hemmingsen, and friends, Jonas, Brian, Jonathan…
Film by// maggie olkuska

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Jibland


Jibland Crew





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Here we come again! The first 4 days of December, Jibland Crew was shredding CPH OPEN @Vierli Snowpark, and just few days later we have visited famous skiresort in Norway – Hemsedal.


Hemsedal is a huge winter spot, with various attractions for anyone: long long ski slopes, several lifts, great board shops, bars, food and so on! Even though the snowpark was not completely ready, we had a lot of fun in fresh powder!
What you can see in Video Blog #1.

Moreover, Claus – our snowboard rider – had the opportunity to shred together with Mikkel V. Jørgensen, and his friends.
To sum up: Snowboarding 24/7, great people, great atmosphere and beautiful landscapes!

We will definitely come back here, when the park will be rebuild, maybe January 2012?!

More info at our facebook fanpage.

Many thanks to Hemsedal Skiresort, Københavns Skiklub and all people who made that trip so wonderful!

See ya later, Jibbers!

//Jibland Crew




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[email protected] Tacky.dk Skate contest!

Check out some pictures here:


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Jibland Crew has visited a Norwegian resort: Stryn in June 2011.
Movies and more pics are coming soon,
but before that, we would like to thank all amazing sponsors and partners,
without which our trip wouldn’t be so great!

Stryn Sommerski

stryn ski

Stryn Hotel

stryn hotel

Runforcover.dk SHOP

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Jibland @CPHDistortion 2011

Dancing in row for 5 days on the streets of the capital city?
Such events can occur only in Copenhagen!
Party 24/7, closed streets, 100.000 people jumping on each other and more!

Check out our videos and see what really is: CPH Distortion 2011 !
cph distortion poster

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Jibland in Media

Jibland is stoked!
Thanks to freeride.dk and Rad Film Production as well as riders.dk for posting articles about us!
Read more here (kun på dansk)!

1. www.freeride.dk/
2. www.Riders.dk

rock & JIB!

Jibland Crew!

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Summer freeski BackYard Session!

Summer is not a huge challenge for us! we share some happiness with you!
jibbing & joy= ENJOY!

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